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The export industry we represent is made up of companies, many still family owned, that are either sawmills, veneer producers, moulding and flooring producers, traders with concentration yards and kilns or combinations thereof. Together this industry exports in bulk (by container) more than 20 commercially available hardwood species to over 50 countries worldwide, although the more important volume species are the oaks, maples, ash, tulipwood, cherry, alder and walnut. Lumber is produced and exported according to the NHLA standard. Details of the grades, with illustrations, can be found in this publication. Veneer producers, however, tend to set their own grades according to customer requirement, grouped as panel, furniture and backing. AHEC is a voice for the hardwood industry in export markets and represents the committed American hardwood exporters and the major U.S. hardwood product trade associations.

Specialist hardwood importers and manufacturers buy American sawn lumber and veneer in volume direct from the USA. These companies can then administer regional distribution of the raw material or produce components or finished products that can be specified by architects and designers or consumed by end users. Regional trade associations, federations and technical wood organisations can provide local market access to companies trading and manufacturing in American hardwoods. Click here to view some of the most relevant European organisations.

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