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      The Workshop of dreams unites four of Spain’s most exciting architects and designers, with inspiring talents from diverse cultural fields. Martha Thorne and Benedetta Tagliabue came together to create this Family of Tables, using American gum and other American hardwood species.

American sap gum

American gum is an important and diverse group of hardwoods, often undervalued and growing sustainably throughout the Eastern and particularly the South Eastern USA. Not to be confused with Australian gum (Eucalypt)

Latin Name

Liquidambar styraciflua

Other Common Names

redgum, sweetgum


American gum trees are large with straight trunks growing widely across the South Eastern USA.  There are several other, non-commercial, gums that also grow across the USA. 


FIA data shows U.S. gum growing stock is 714.6 million m3, 4.9% of total U.S. hardwood growing stock. American gum is growing 22.9 million m3 per year while the harvest is 11.7 million m3 per year. The net volume (after harvest) is increasing 11.2 million m3 each year. U.S. gum growth exceeds or is in balance with harvest in all the main producing states.

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