American cottonwood

American eastern cottonwood is one of many true poplars, such as aspen, but requires expertise to use successfully.

Latin Name

Populus deltoides

Other Common Names

eastern cottonwood, eastern poplar


American eastern cottonwood trees are fast growing and the largest of this genus grows widely across the USA and is normally associated with water. They can be up to 8 feet in diameter. Cottonwood may be referred to as white poplar and should not be confused with tulipwood, known as yellow poplar in the USA. 


FIA data shows U.S. cottonwood growing stock is 236 million m3, 1.5% of total U.S. hardwood growing stock. U.S. cottonwood is growing 4.3 million m3 per year while the harvest is 1.8 million m3 per year. The net volume (after harvest) is increasing 2.6 million m3 each year. American cottonwood growth exceeds harvest in all the main producing states except Maine (where it is mainly planted in urban areas), Nebraska and Texas. Cottonwoods are declining in some semi-arid areas of the U.S. due to drought, invasion of exotic species and overgrazing. 

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