"Pruva" from Future Heirlooms Turkey Graces Milan

"Pruva" from Future Heirlooms Turkey Graces Milan


Designer Deniz Yenidogan's remarkable creation, "Pruva," part of the 2023 Future Heirlooms Turkey project, is set to make waves in Milan as it takes center stage at the Salone Satellite exhibition from 16-21 April 2024. The piece will be showcased at stand b49, highlighting the innovative prowess of Yenidogan and the project as a whole.

Salone Satellite, nestled within the prestigious Salone del Mobile, marks a significant milestone this year, celebrating its 25th anniversary. Curated by the visionary Marva Griffin, the event has long been revered as a launchpad for emerging talents under 35. It serves as a pivotal platform where entrepreneurial minds converge with promising designers, fostering a collaborative environment that propels the industry forward.

Crafted from American red oak, “Pruva” stands as a testament to Yenidogan's commitment to challenging societal norms and advocating for responsible consumption. Conceived as a bench design, it challenges individualism by discouraging solitary sitting, thus promoting communal interaction and shared responsibility. This ethos resonates deeply with the overarching theme of the Future Heirlooms Turkey project, which aims to provoke introspection regarding consumption patterns and the environmental impact of design choices.

In its creation, “Pruva” eschews conventional design elements in favour of irregular, asymmetric surfaces, accentuating the natural allure of wood. This deliberate departure from traditional aesthetics underscores Yenidogan's dedication to fostering a deeper connection between individuals and their surroundings, thereby instigating meaningful dialogue about the role of design in shaping behaviour. 

Pruva by Deniz Yenidogan

16-21 April, 2024

Salone Satellite, Salone del Mobile. Milano

Stand #b49


Umut Egitimci