Future Heirlooms' Checkered at Milan Design Week 2024


For the second year running, Studio Yellowdot has the honor of presenting their latest playful and bold designs during Milan Design Week in the iconic Rossana Orlandi Gallery for RoCOLLECTIBLE 2024, which is dedicated to collectible design.

‘Checkered’ Bench

A mesmerizing checkered-patterned bench crafted from two contrasting American hardwood species, accompanied by a handcrafted chess set for spontaneous games.

Founded by Bodin Hon & Dilara Kan Hon, Studio Yellowdot pays homage to traditional woodworking marquetry with hardwood while adding a contemporary twist, bringing the timeless culture of the board game, popular since the Ottoman era, to contemporary times.

The 'Checkered' bench is made from solid American cherry and maple arranged in an eye-catching checkerboard pattern that covers its entire surface, which serves as a canvas for board games, a tradition that has been cherished across cultures and civilizations. Being created as a part of AHEC’s Future Heirlooms project, the 'Checkered' bench is meticulously crafted with modern CNC machinery and assembled precisely by hand, ensuring a seamless transition between the woods.

Gathered around the bench, family and friends can engage in friendly battles of intellectual wit and skill, immersing themselves in games such as chess and checkers. The bench becomes a meeting place where different generations come together to share the joy of these timeless board games, fostering meaningful interactions and creating their own stories.

Rossana Orlandi Gallery
Via Matteo Bandello 14

April 17 – 23 | 9.30 AM – 8 PM
Press Preview: April 16 | 9 AM – 12 PM
Guest preview: April 16 | 6 PM – 8 PM


IG: @studioyellowdot


Umut Egitimci