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AHEC steps up North African activities


Exports of American Hardwood lumber saw a 25% increase in value to the MENA region during Q1 of 2022.


The American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) announces new trade-focused regional activities for the Middle East and North Africa, as shipments of US hardwood lumber to the region grew significantly during the first quarter.

Exports of American hardwood lumber to the Middle East and North Africa in January to March 2022 were up on the same period last year, rising by 20% in volume to 19,943 cubic metres and by 25% in value to USD 16.55 million. These significant increases were mainly reflected in shipments to Turkey, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates, in particular. 46% of all US hardwood lumber shipments to the MENA region during the three-month period were accounted for by red oak, at 9,248 cubic metres, with the bulk of this going to Egypt, the UAE and Morocco.

For the first time, AHEC will be participating in the Foire Internationale d’Alger (Algiers International Fair), which will run from 13 to 17 June. This year, the USA will be the country of honour at this important exhibition and AHEC hopes to establish the basis for future market development work in Algeria through its participation in this fair.

Later in the year, AHEC will be back at the Cairo Woodshow, which will run from 15 to 18 December. Egypt is showing remarkable growth at present, with demand for construction materials at an all-time high and this includes hardwoods for furniture, flooring and joinery. AHEC is keen to support this market growth through improved market access to American hardwood exporters.

Roderick Wiles, AHEC Regional Director commented, “We are absolutely committed to the MENA region in terms of our marketing and promotion activities and our industry in the United States is increasingly interested in diversifying its export market portfolio and servicing buyers from North Africa in particular.”