American hardwood veneer

This section provides information on the American hardwood veneer industry, the production process, species availability, export grades and details of the relevant product association in the USA.

Veneer is a thin layer of wood of uniform thickness produced by peeling logs or slicing flitches.

Hardwood veneer industry

The veneer industry has a long tradition of technical advance, which today enables it to produce high quality, sliced and rotary cut veneer for furniture, panelling, doors and panel products. There are approximately 35 veneer slicing facilities in the USA, operating nearly 100 slicers in total and 32 half-round slicers. Many lengthwise slicers and approximately 50 rotary lathes are operated by 35 additional companies. Total sliced production is nearly 669 million square metres annually, with exports representing 354 million square metres - 53% of total production.