American hardwood plywood

This section provides information on the American hardwood plywood industry, the approach to manufacture, guidance on availability for export, and American hardwood industry representation. In the United States the term hardwood plywood is used to describe a composite board with wood veneered faces regardless of the core material. The dominant substrate material in the United States is veneer core. In many other countries worldwide, particleboard and MDF ('engineered' core) are the primary substrates.

Hardwood plywood industry

The American domestic hardwood plywood industry should not be confused with the tropical hardwood plywood industry from which the USA imports considerable quantities. The American industry, represented by AHEC, produces hardwood plywood with veneer from native American hardwoods. It is made up of a relatively small number of companies, but most of them are significant in terms of size and turnover. This is mainly due to the process itself, which requires a high level of technology and a sizeable investment in specialised machinery. The industry is widespread in the USA with production plants in the east, west and south. Hardwood plywood is widely used for decorative panelling, cabinets, furniture and many other specialist applications.