American hardwood mouldings

This section provides information on the American hardwood moulding industry, the approach to manufacture, guidance on availability for export and industry representation in the USA.

A moulding is a profile machined from solid lumber and then sanded if required to a smooth finish. Mouldings can also be composite with a solid wood core (either hardwood or softwood) with a hardwood veneer wrapped around to give the appearance of a solid moulding.

Hardwood moulding industry

The American hardwood moulding industry is similar in its composition to the dimension and components industry. In fact many of the specialist manufacturers have the capability to produce all three product types. The moulding industry primarily services the domestic market in the USA with both standard and one-off moulded profiles. Some companies specialise in softwood, while others produce hardwood mouldings as well. There is a concentration of specialist moulding companies along the west coast of the United States because California has a very large consumption, by product manufacturers (i.e. kitchens) and distribution centres servicing the building and DIY sectors.

Some hardwood sawmills have diversified their production and invested in moulding capability as a way to add value and maximise yields.