American hardwood dimension and components

This section provides information on the American hardwood dimension and component industry, the approach to manufacture, guidance on availability for export and industry representation in the USA.

Dimension is defined as lumber that has been re-manufactured to specific sizes and is normally surfaced on two or more sides. These boards can be cut to exact lengths, widths and thicknesses specified by the customer. They are often referred to as cut-to-size dimension blanks. Wood components can be either semi or fully machined parts of an end product.

Hardwood dimension and components industry

The dimension and components industry in the United States exists primarily to service the requirements of furniture, kitchen, and joinery manufacturers, as well as DIY consumers.

Of the specialist producers, some companies specialise in either softwood or hardwood, others do both. The capacity of the industry to produce hardwood dimension and components is increasing as a result of hardwood sawmills and producers investing in added value manufacture and thus diversifying their activity. Many of these producers are already committed exporters of lumber so this development has helped improve the potential for export.