American Hardwood Products

The American hardwood industry, which dates back to the first European settlers, has a wealth of experience in processing the native hardwoods of North America. The eastern United States, as we now know them, were heavily forested from Maine in the North to the Gulf of Mexico in the South, and westwards across to the Mississippi valley. The Appalachian mountain range, which runs through the centre of the eastern states, provides a wide variety of growing sites at different altitudes, which in turn gives rise to the varied characteristics of many species. In fact, the USA has more temperate hardwood species than any other region of the world.

A massive hardwood processing capacity has been built in the USA to supply this domestic and growing export demand. Today the USA is the largest producer of sawn hardwood in the world. Sawmills, dry kilns, moulding and dimension plants, veneer slicing and plywood factories, flooring plants and concentration yards for distribution of hardwood material, exist across all eastern states. There is also a small but significant processing capacity in the Pacific Northwest, based on a few local species, the most important of which is western red alder.



American hardwood lumber refers to rough sawn lumber boards, normally square edged and end trimmed, air dried or kiln dried, produced to nominal thickness by individual species. The latest technology, and the most advanced techniques are used to efficiently deliver a full range of lumber qualities


The veneer industry has a long tradition of technical advance, which today enables it to produce high quality, sliced and rotary cut veneer for furniture, paneling, doors and panel products.


American solid hardwood flooring is an important industry itself. Product and species availability and can vary.


Plywood is a composite board with wood veneered faces regardless of the core material. It is a strong and cheap alternative used for building and furniture.


The US hardwood industry can offer a variety of moulding products, finished to an exceptional standard.

Dimension and Components

Dimension is defined as lumber that has been re-manufactured to specific sizes and is normally surfaced on two or more sides. The dimension and components industry in the United States exists primarily to service the requirements of furniture, kitchen, and joinery manufacturers, as well as DIY consumers.