April 2017


  • 18th February 2010

    American tulipwood - 'Widely used but rarely seen'

    in Events, Species focus

    Last year we met the "Grand Designs" presenter Kevin McCloud at the Guardian Hay Festival; when he saw the outdoor seating installation in treated American tulipwood that we had created in collaboration with the...

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  • 16th February 2010

    Green wood working

    in Comment

    On Friday I watched the first in a new BBC series on "ancient crafts" presented by Monty Don. This week the focus was the art of "bodging" which to you and me translates as "green wood working". It...

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  • 10th February 2010

    "Green" plastic carpets?!?

    in Comment, Environment

    I regard myself as a true "woody" so I get so frustrated when non-wood materials or products claim to be so much greener. It is a fact that wood is renewable, it stores carbon and has a very low embodied energy in most...

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  • 8th February 2010

    The breadth of use

    in Events, Species focus, Architecture and Design

    I had dinner last week in Milan with a good friend and editor of a great architectural title "Plan" magazine. Nicola had seen my presentation at the MADEexpo show where I had shown a wide range of architectural projects...

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  • 20th January 2010

    Guide to species

    in Comment, Technical Information

    I'm constantly surprised about the extent to which wood is regarded generically rather than as dozens of individual species, each with its own particular qualities, looks and applications. And it strikes me that while there's...

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