Case Studies

In recent years we have witnessed significant changes in attitudes to wood and how it is used. The result is a widespread increase in the use of wood in building. The case studies below illustrate examples of how hardwoods have successfully worked to provide both form and function in building design.

We are always keen to identify new and exciting projects using American hardwoods. Please contact us for more information

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  • Paramount By The Office Space

    Paramount By The Office Space

    A 300 Square Metre Business Card in American Cherry

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  • Brussels Environment Agency HQ

    Brussels Environment Agency HQ

    American cherry brings its natural colour and warmth to Europe’s largest passive office building

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  • Why American hardwoods for furniture?

    Why American hardwoods for furniture?

    American hardwoods are known for their sustainability and the diversity they can offer furniture makers.

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  • But the trees are still there!

    But the trees are still there!

    Much has been said about the shortage and rising prices of Oak lumber. The trees are still there in the forest; just the market has changed.

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  • Stadthalle Reutlingen

    Stadthalle Reutlingen

    American cherry shines in the concert halls of Reutlingen's new Stadthalle designed by Max Dudler

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  • Tree Furniture

    Tree Furniture

    Designed by Swedish-Chilean Anton Alvarez, the concept for Tree Furniture is that it should be carved simply from a tree cut down and left on the forest floor where it has been cut.

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  • Leftovers Chair

    Leftovers Chair

    Davies’ interest in food and cooking led her to designing a chair that could be described in the form of a recipe. The chair is made up from a variety of hardwoods with a strong affiliation to food.

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  • Floating Chair

    Floating Chair

    Bobby Petersen and Tom Gottelier wanted to create an experience, not just a seat. In an unusual twist, the boat can be controlled by a smart phone working with GPS, and the software will drive the propulsion system allowing you to sit back and relax.

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  • Solitude


    Solitude by Mary Argyrou is inspired by the traditionally crafted church chairs. Staying true to the values of the church, the chair is modest in its expression and its form engages with the longevity and significance of furniture within a church setting.

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  • Snelson


    Weller’s design uses string under tension to hold together the elements, which do not even need to touch. His inspiration came from Kenneth Snelson’s sculptural works built around the principle of tensegrity.

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