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Hadid, LDFHadid, LDF

Zaha Hadid has commissioned Gareth Neal… Award winning architect, Zaha Hadid has always wanted tableware made from wood. Upon receiving this open brief, Gareth Neal has chosen to play with the form of a carafe or water carrier and turn it into something more sculptural.

When asked to comment on the project Zaha Hadid said, ‘We have been experimenting in glass, metal and resin and it will be fascinating to explore the possibilities of working in wood; applying contemporary techniques to a very traditional material. One of the most exciting aspects of designing products is the production process between idea and result is so much quicker than for architecture. This faster timeframe leads to greater opportunities for experimentation and it will be interesting to combine innovative methods and concepts with the natural properties of wood for a new tableware collection.’

Gareth Neal comments, "The debate between the subtleties of the handmade and digital fabrication is an age old debate. It is my view that the CNC is just an extension of the crafts man’s hands. So when asked whether I would like to answer to Zaha’s brief to design some tableware, I thought it would be a great opportunity to use the architectural practice’s advanced computer modelling software and push the envelope, Benchmark’s abilities, and my initial designs into a conversation between our two practices."

"Through using the traditional vessel form as a starting point and subverting its appearance to dramatic extremes, mimicking traditional carving technique I hope the pieces will embed the design with a sense of the handmade through the arm of a robot, questioning the viewer’s perceptions of craft and the handmade."

Species: White oak