American Hardwood Growing Regions

The availability and characteristics of American hardwood species vary according to growing regions and the map below may be useful as a guide to provenance.

growing regions
Northern region Long winters, short summers. Particularly suited to slow grown, tight grained hardwoods such as maple and birch.
Central region Hot summers, cold winters. Particularly suited to species such as walnut and hickory.
Appalachian region Variable climate, due to differences in both elevation and latitude. Most hardwood species thrive here.
Southern region Short winters, long hot summers. Producing fast grown large dimension species such as tulipwood and sapgum.
Pacific Northwest region Maritime climate. Separated geographically from the main hardwood growing regions in the East. Red alder and Pacific Coast / Big leaf maple grow exclusively here.

Note – Many American hardwood species such as ash, tulipwood, soft maple and the red and white oaks, will grow across the Northern, Central, Southern and Appalachian regions. But, because of the variation in climate and elevation, the wood produced can vary significantly in colour, grain and other physical properties.